Vision of JASA

You might be aware that Japanese have higher rate of life expectancy and Japan is rapidly becoming a super aging society. Almost 5 per cent of the aged people who develop diseases such as cerebrovascular related disorders,suffer for mental problems. And it is urgent issues for our nation to stop the increase of medical expenses and extend the health life expectancy. The most important necessity in this time is to improve the QOL level of older people, the health of women who will bring up the next generation, and moreover the health of children who will develop the future of our nation.
Facing with an amazing speed of the extended longevity of people in the 2019, it has become a matter of primary concern that how we lead and keep a good quality of life in our age. Aging is inevitable, but at least we can make it slower in coming by using aloe plants. We stated an educational action and an enlightenment movement to take in aloe bio-stimulant. Akira Yagi

Business activities of JASA

Our objects are aimed to gather and select the information of manufactures, sellers, regular users and researchers who are involved in Aloe and organize them by scientific way as much as possible, and carry them out widely to inform JASA members as soon as possible.

Detailed information of JASA

Name of the Association Japan Aloe Science Association, Corporated
Address 206-2 Hizure, Midori-ku, Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa, 252-0185
Tel.& E-mail TEL: 080-7618-0123 (10am~17pm, except Saturday, Sunday and Holidays )
Representative Managing Director Akira Mukaitani

Invitation for corporate member of JASA

If you are overseas corporation and you wish to become a Member of our Association, please inform us by , with your “ Corporate name”, “ Representative name” and” Phone / Email”.
After the examination based on the admission criteria, we will inform you how to pay the membership fees. And the payment of the fee has been confirmed, then we will qualify as a member of our Association. Membership will be automatically continued unless there is a notice of withdrawal ,and Annual membership fees will be required.

Services for Corporate Member from JASA

  1. Special offer to attend a meeting hosted by JASA in Japan.
  2. Providing information on aloe in Japan.
  3. Support for exhibitions held in Japan.
  4. Introduction and comments for corporate member names, addresses and representatives on JASA website.
  5. Planning and management of PR events related to Aloe and proposals for publishing company tie-ups in the magazines, and etc.

Membership Fee

Annual Membership fee is 54,000 Japanese yen (tax included) *Refunds of money already received for the above fee shall not be made for any reason.